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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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join us every night 10:00 eastern on fox. don't forget to start your day with fox & friends every we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. night. special interview right now. >> tonight he is here. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu goes trord. he is warning the united states islam's number one target is the united states. you will hear from prime minister netanyahu in just minutes. but, first, news that isis that s. changing its tactic and now the question are the limits of u.s. air strikes becoming abundantly clear. pentagon press secretary admiral. >> good to be with you, greta, thank you. >> nice to have you. tell me, is isis are they changing their tactics? >> yes, they are. as a matter of fact. we have seen this actually for the last several weeks as we have been striking them inside iraq. frankly we expected that. that as we continue to put pressure on them they would have to react to try to survive and to continue and
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adapt their operations. what i said last week is if they are not operating as freely as they were before and they aren't. so they are free to. are seeing them change their posture. seeing them change their communications. seeing them disperse more. to hide more. to be better concealment. but, again, those aren't necessarily harder for them to operate. >> disperse sal means they are coming more in contact with civilians not part of the fight who are people who are innocent and used as human shields we try to look for the isis to kill them, if they are surrounded by civilians, now we have got a bigger problem. >> certainly it makes targeting a little bit more difficult. no question about that i want to stress that the campaign against them in iraq and in syria isn't necessarily about, you know, killing individual terrorists. i mean, obviously we expect that some of them will be killed in some of these strikes, but what we're really trying to do is get after their capabilities.
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we are trying to take away from them the days that they sustain train and equip themself in syriaened a in iraq doing a lot more dynamic targeting which is going after trucks, convoys, armored personnel carriers, artillery positions trying to take away their ability to reek havoc and continued violence. >> are they advancing at all. growing at all. moving towards baghdad more or in any way taking more towns? >> they continue to right to gain territory. we do continue to see them try to do that. they have had some success. we talked about some of the success they have had out in anbar province in the last week or so. no question they still want to do that and they are still trying to. they still threaten baghdad. they investigative threatening baghdad. they haven't made any great strides in that regard. iraqi security forces around the capitol doing a good job. stitchening their denses they know how important that city is to their people and country. we are also seeing the iraqi
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security forces push back, too. with mixed success to be sure. just take a look at what they did at the mosul dam facility a few weeks ago in concert with and coordination with kurdish forces which is not a typical activity for them. they were able to take back that immense facility for from isil. can i guarantee you that iraqi and kurdish force also continue to try to take back territory. >> all right. let me go across the border into syria i use the border still free syrian army. moderate. aligning ourselves with. do we know who the leader is over there. >> many opposition groups. not just the free syrian army. there isn't any one recognized head of certainly not from the military perspective. head of the moderate syrian opposition. frankly, that's one of the reasons why we are eager to get started on this train and equip program. authority to do bring them and vet them and make sure we are working with the
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right folks. get them some basic military training and frankly as a part of that some basic leadership training so they can organize themselves and little bit better idea who to work with and for how long. the group just got a little bigger. turkey is now apparently going to join in. is that correct? >> that's correct. turkey as you saw the vote in parliament. overwhelming vote to support action against isil in iraq and syria. and also to allow foreign forces to base out of turkey that's very welcomed news. very positive development. we're in consultation with with the turks right now about the details on that. what it is actually going to mean. but we have said it all along that turkey geography be a partner here. they have indicated they want to contribute. today's vote is a positive accept it in that direction. >> teams the president out of syria has been silent. have we heard from him at all. >> we are not in communication certainly not from a military perspective
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from assad. we are not coordinating with him and talking with him. we are not in any kind of communication with him or his regime. our focus inside syria is squarely and solely on isil. >> sir, thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure, thanks for having me again. >> and developing rit now, urgent warning going out to u.s. military members and their families. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. what's the warning, catherine? >> thank you, greta there is a warning that's gone out. we have a copy of it here. from what's called the army threat immigration center. what it says to the army's military commands globally is that you have got to look at the social media traffic that's calling on isis and its followers to target the military specifically and in one tweet it cites they are being called on to go to the yellow page social media sites like facebook, linked in and twitter to find these addresses and launch these attacks at the homes. there is no independent intelligence to corroborate these threats but it's
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significant enough. they sent out this bulletin. >> to the families, to the military and their families? >> to the army commands who then disseminate that information to the families? doesn't everybody know that? why too we need -- i mean, look, i'm all for warning everybody, but what is so produce found -- just like the military is sort of covering itself? is there anything -- aren't we all looking out for this? >> i think there is an aspect of covering your basis on this. what speaks to me is that there really is sort of a saturation of isis and social media. unknown to certain extent. what wab the trigger? it offers some pretty common sense precautions. limit people's access to your social media profile. think about what you are posting on line or whether it identifies you a as a military family because the calls are very specific. >> is it anything more than instruction on common sense in case you don't have it this is what you should be doing? >> when you have a a
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bulletin like this and sent out by something as the sort of well respected as this threat immigration center, it kicks it up a notch to say to people hey like you are thinking this but we are now telling you that you really have got to give it some serious consideration. >> i don't know. those beheadings did it for me. anyway, as to sort of made me realize. >> that was a moment for sure. >> that indeed. catherine, thank you. >> user welcome. now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu goes trord. today we spoke with the prime minister about what he sees as the greatest threats to israel and to the u.s. here in the united states. >> real war that matters much to your country is the iran and nuclear weapons. where are they on nuclear
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weapons? >> they are trying to get a deal which would leave them with the ability to get to make enrich all the uranium for bombs and have all the sanctions lifted off many them. that's what they're trying to do. they shouldn't get it important to specify what is the problem? the problem is that militant islam is trying to dominate the middle east and then take over the world. it's number one target ultimately is is the united states. they view all these branches. shiites, radical shiites, radical sunnies, they see you as the great satan. they call us. the small satan because we are just a frontal position. a forward position of the united states. they want to destroy us so they can get to you. the greatest danger is that any one of these groups, either isis on the radical sunni side or iran that leads the shiites that any one of them would get nuclear weapons is a tremendous threat to the future of our world. a tremendous threat not only
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to israel but to the united states as well. that has to be prevented. defeat isis, very important. we support that completely. support president obama's effort there. 100%. but defeating isis and legged iran have the capacity to manufacture enough material for a bomb, that's to lose the war. you have to do both. defeat isis and prevent iran from having nuclear weapons capability. >> what is sort of peculiar though in fighting and defeating isis that the united states and countries going along with the united states have iran supporting it. which is sort of an unusual strange bed fellows in some ways. >> yes and. no because when both of your incomes are fighting one another, you don't support one or the other. weaken both. that's my point. you don't have to give iran and i don't think anyone is suggesting it, but i heard in the press that people are saying well, let's reward
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iran for fighting isis with, you know, what they want on the nuclear deal. what for? they are going to fight isis anyway. if assad came to you and said well, i will fight isis if you give me back my chemical weapons, you laugh them out of court. that's about the same absurdity. there is no need to do that the -- you have to fight the isis, and do everything that's necessary to prevent iran from having the capacity to make atomic bombs. >> well, the arrangement right now or the negotiation, discussions which are are supposed to -- i think november 24th is is the next deadline. >> um-huh. >> at least they are discussing leaving some enrichment capability with iran, which i think before have you been quoted as saying a bad deal is worse than no deal. is that a bad deal if they have any inrichment capacity? >> in my opinion, of course. why do they need centrifuges? ask that question? they say they need it for civilian nuclear energy.
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that's not true. 17 countries around the world. big countries like mexico and canada and end do nearby shah and i understand do syesha and others i understand indonesia. you need centrifuge for one thing not civilian nuclear energy but for making a bomb. for military use. so there is no reason iran should have it my point was they shouldn't have it to the extintd move away from that and get more and more centrifuges, first hundreds and then possibly thousands and then you are giving them the capacity few weeks, few months to operate those centrifuges enrich enough uranium, that's what you need enriched uranium to make a core of a nuclear bomb. there is no reason on earth to do that. >> do you have the sense president obama or has he said to you meaning that he is willing to put on the table some sort of
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enrichment capability? i know iran says they want it for peaceful purposes and i know that whole argument. >> peaceful purposes? >> that's what they say. make radio isotopes on their intercontinental ballistic missiles shoot out to iranian shooting earth. that's absurd. theying marry bombs. >> i'm not suggesting that i believe that i know they have intercontinental ballistic missiles as well. there is only one reason for that do you have that position is they will allow some they will agree to some enrichment of uranium? >> they say it ownly and brief has to be clear that what is being discussed and the u.s. is very open with us as befits close allies. to the extent that you veer away from no enrichment. from no centrifuges and you start moving away from that then it becomes a bad deal
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and you move further away and it becomes a very bad deal. and to the extent you get close to the position where they will have no enrichment capacity or minimal that becomes a better deal. we will see where it ends up on the spectrum. i think it's the overwhelming issue because these militant islamic groups ora jet streams, whether iran or isil or hamas, they all have a fanatic ideology. they want to have their domains expanded and ultimately they at the present time to change history. bring us back to the early mid evil period where women are chattel and minorities are subrogated. everyone they consider infidel is given the choice convert or die. that's insane. this insanity coupled with the weapons of mass destruction could lead to catastrophe. that's happened before in the previous century with another mad ideology that
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sought to conquer the world and when they thought they had enough power the nazis brought horrible devastation and 60 million people died and a third of my people died. we can't let that happen again. >> you mentioned hamas. israel is taking a lot of the world. civilian deaths. hamas is the same as isis? >> hamas and isis, they are not twins but they are brothers. i called them branches of the same poison tree. these are radical islamic movements and they use some of the same methods. look at this. i brought this picture. and when your viewers look at this, they might think this is isis about to carry out an impending execution. but it's not. this is taken roughly at the same time of the it happened not in serial iraq syria or iraq. of this executioner is about to execute one of dozens of
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palestinians that they killed in order to instill the campaign of fear over the population of gaza. now, there is some differences hamas beheads people or isis beheads people and hamas puts a a bullet in their head. but if you are the victim or their family, the horror is the same. so they use the same tactics. and they also have the same goal of dominating the world with the terrible islamist conception. and i think they should be fought. we fought hamas. now you are fighting isis. but i think we shouldn't lose sight of, in the cracks we shouldn't let iran, the ultimate islamist power to get the ultimate power. >> mr. prime minister, before we go, and you have to excuse my midwestern accent. [speaking foreign language] >> that's pretty good.
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there is room for improvement but it means happy new year. this is the jewish new year so i want to say that we offer it for jews and non-jews alike. i hope that we have a year under challenging circumstances fitsd these terrorists to challenge really i hope we have a good year for security and for prosperity and for peace. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and up next, ambassador john bolton, what does he think about what prime minister netanyahu just said. ambassador bolton will tell you. that's next. plus, the news just keeps getting worse. turns out the suspect in the kidnapping of a uva co-ed was accused of sexual assault at two other colleges. did anyone do anything about it? the latest than investigation coming up. ♪ want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones.
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islam is trying to dominate the middle east number one target is ultimately the united states. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu threats not only to israel but us in the united states. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> he certainly has a big picture view of this. he is not just looking at the fight in isis or hamas. >> i think that's important because there are a number of threats in his region that he has to priority advertise. so it's really not surprising that the iranian nuclear weapons program is still threat number one. not only for him but for us as well. he sees it but not enough people see he it headline, a threat that has to be removed but ultimately the
11:21 pm
country or the terrorist group that has nuclear weapons is the one you have to be most worried about. >> we're going to come to this point, november 24th i guess would probably be the point when this negotiation is supposed -- we are supposed to have something or not have something. the united states has always indicated that it would consider letting some enrichment for peaceful purposes. prime minister netanyahu has always said it's got to be zero. at some point we have in the to come to logger heads on this big time. >> i think there is a very real risk that the administration will agree to a deal that fundamentally legitimizes iran's nuclear weapons program. the split between the united states government and israel on this has never been wider. so it may have been a polite professional meeting that the two leaders had this week, but it was one that revealed enormous differences between israel's view of iran's nuclear program and the obama administration. >> well, if there is a deal amgd and israel believes it's their livelihood if there is any enrichment at all that means israel is going to take out othe
11:22 pm
iranian nuclear program, right. >> they certainly should and should have five years ago. >> y ble i didn't believe they will. they have been under pressure implicitly and explicitly from the obama administration not to do that what should be most troubling about the deal that people are talking about is is the obama administration is effectively admitting they know that iran has a nuclear weapons program. of they know they are going to cheat. the only issue is how much notice of the cheating we are going to have. under those circumstances you don. >> if prime minister netanyahu didn't say in the interview but in this he said it before. if they cannot live with iran enrichment. i went let this regime in tehran have a spare electron. they can't be trusted. they is lied to us and
11:23 pm
covered up for years the nuclear program they have. >> he said that actually in the speech general assembly how president rowhani has a pleasant delivery and everything but underneath it he was a snake. >> chief nuclear investigator he said publicly in writings in farsi and iran how he duped the europeans and the united states by pretending to have a moratorium on yawn yam enrichment while they fixed technical problems. >> what's in it for us to have any -- uranium enrichment capability? >> i think the president believes he can somehow civilize the eye toll laps regime in tehran. i don't think you can do that i think he believes somehow or another he can civilize radical islam. i don't think you can do that that's one of the key points netanyahu is trying to make. radical she a islam, militants, sunni islam they both hate the west. that's why they hate israel and why they hate the united states. ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> texas health officials are looking for 100 people who have had direct or
11:24 pm
indirect contact with the ebola patient in isolation in dallas. that includes several school children. several relatives it of the ebola patient are being confined to their home under armed guard. fox news correspondent casey stegall with all the latest. casey? >> yeah, greta. the hospital behind me where patient zero as he is being called is being treated and there is word tonight that he may have lied on an airport questionnaire. this is a form that the cdc created for passengers traveling out of the west africa countries severely impacted by the ebola outbreak. basically a checklist and you answer "yes" or "no" questions and did asks passengers if they have been in contact with the virus. according to the associated press thomas eric duncan checked no that he had not been in contact with anyone and now the liberian government is saying that it plans on prosecuting him for lying because some of his neighbors in liberia say that he helped a pregnant woman with the disease to
11:25 pm
the hospital days before he boarded a flight from liberia to brussels and and then he hopped on that united airlines flight from belgium to dulles airport. and then on another airlines flight from dulles to dallas-fort worth. meantime duncan remains in serious condition here at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. four of his family members, as you mentioned, at a nearby apartment complex have been legally ordered to stay in their home and have no visitors quarantined until at least october 19, which is in the ebola incubation period would be over for them but still tonight the cdc insists that one else is showing any symptoms at this point. greta? >> casey, i understand there are armed guards for the family? is someone bringing them food? i presume there is some provision for these four? >> yeah. people would be allowed to come and go.
11:26 pm
to be able to give them food, water, the basic things like that. it is our understanding that there is an armed security guard there keeping an eye, the reason why that's happening, we understand, is because the family may not have been compliant initially when they were told that they needed to stay away from other people. and so that's why this public health notice was issued, greta. awfully interesting and it's very rare. you don't see that happen very often in this country, do you? >> no. casey, thank you. straight ahead. chak says we he have a presidency that is falling apart. why does he say that and should americans be worried? that's next. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates, commemorating the state birds of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!!
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a warning from chak. he says there is a inat the expense in the obama administration there it is a sense in the country that we have a presidency that is falling apart. it isn't as if it all happened at once and domestically the great idea of expansion of government and the new entitlements and all this, it is a crisis of competence. do you agree with charles falling apart. >> presidency falling apart or u.s. president falling apart. >> litany isis intelligence. cdc. we have really big problems in front of us. the line from the administration always seems to be don't worry, we've got this. then it turns out wait a
11:31 pm
minute. the cdc let somebody in the country who has ebola. oh, actually the hospitals weren't really prepared for it you know, one failure after another. one issue doesn't make us freak out. it's the pattern of problems. >> taking the president has said a.b. he learned about the irs and fast and furious from the media jay carnes said he learned about the v.a. from the media got caught with this whole thing unaware about the speed of isis. >> if you you talk to people, greta, who are not going to be natural critics of president. independence or democrats who supported him hoping his presidency would be a success. their disappointment comes not so much from what he did or stimulus or dodd frank or obamacare, it's not what he didn't know how to do. why didn't know who he to make this friends in congress. why didn't he know couldn't be closed in a year
11:32 pm
healthcare. why states wouldn't set up exchanges. why isis a major threat and we didn't know? >> there is also a sense of not taking -- not only taking a leadership role but not taking a responsibility role. the isis thing is a perfect example of claiming he didn't know intel was behind the curve, not the president. all presidents have trouble in second terms. it's not easy. not able to set the agenda. this president has had this series dating back to the rollout of obamacare, the problems at the v.a., and now isis, that where he doesn't seem to be ahead of the curve or a strong leader. i think that's what you are detecting in the polls. >> i want the president to be the first to know and he appears to often to be the last to know i'm learning from the media which is what i feel uncomfortable with. the tea party throwing support behind a new
11:33 pm
republican plan. the tea party expresses it applauds rnc chair priebus. has the tea party now inside the tent? >> it's nice to have this one group. i think there are quite a few folks in the tea party say wait a minute they don't necessarily speak for us. if you read the speech by reasons priebus this is not a speech. this is really delicate language. talked about educational reform but no mention of common core. not amnesty but not going to deport everybody either. it's a very, you any, carefully calibrated appealing to everybody in the republican spectrum. >> i also think they want to be relevant. this year only the seventh district of virginia was a tea party backed primary challenge who won. senator mcconnell. senator cochran, senator roberts all fought back tea party challenges because the establishment fought back. i think they want to relevant and in the game. >> nina in 1992 ross perot
11:34 pm
had 18.9% of the vote which is why president bush 41 lost that election. >> exactly. >> if the tea party is like outside the tent, and they are typically from the republican party, that's a problem. so i actually think if they can get them in the tent, that would be smart for them. >> that's right. i actually think there has been important detente in election season. i will give you one example. the chamber of commerce decided they didn't want these hard core obstructionists shall we say elected those kind of candidates in the republican party? they put a lot of money in. tea party as a bad label. embraced the tea party strad gist said to me we call them cave men. the ones who will not govern. the people who want to fight and don't want to compromise to make choices to govern that's where you are finding common ground there. not about the tea party.
11:35 pm
it's about a willingness to govern. >> few seconds left. ted cruise also supported today problem g.o.p. >> he has a leadership role at the national republican senatorial committee. is he trying to keep a foot in the establishment as well. so is rand paul. >> very hard to run for president if you are fighting your own party's chairman. >> rand paul is very key to this detaunt. very key. >> anyway, fascinating race come 2016. anyway, thank you, panel. straight ahead, it keeps getting more shocking. now news that the suspect in the kidnapping of uva co-ed hannah graham was accused of sexual assault at two other colleges. ted williams is here to talk about that investigation. plus, montel williams guess "on the record." why is he going to the mattress sergeant andrew tahmooressi. tahmooressi. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs.
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hannah graham is the fifth young woman in five years it to vanish along the
11:40 pm
route 29 corridor. >> they don't have a body that would be linking currently mr. matthews to anything that's happened to her. >> we're still in the process of gathering evidence talking to witnesses. >> the fact that he goes in and speaks to the police will hannah's disappearance and then he takes off, it speaks volumes about his consciousness of guilt. >> in a heap of trouble. >> is he in a lot of trouble indeed. >> but tonight this keeps getting worse. more disturbing new information about the suspect in the kidnapping of uva co-ed hannah graham. more than 10 years ago jesse matthew was accused of sexual assaulted at two other colleges. did he not face charges in those cases. as we told you police have also linked the 2009 murder of a virginia tech student and for more on this investigation defense lawyer and homicide detective ted williams joins us. at one of the universities woman accuser did not want to press charges. actually, i think that was both of them.
11:41 pm
>> it was in both of them. but the drums are beating to it define as possibly a serial predator. my rationale for saying that is if you know anything about serial killers and predators. they stay just below the radar. now, when you look at jesse matthew here. this is a man who had access to young women how? he drove a cab. look what happened to morgan harrington. a concert. john paul jones arena in charlottesville. she took off and she was hitchhiking allegedly. and who better to pick up someone under those scenarios but a cab driver. >> this type of case this type of assault leaves
11:42 pm
incredible forensic clues whether it's hair, fiber, see men. leaves lots of clues. the key whether the police for different incidents, unsolved cases whether or not they collected evidence or not. they are actually pretty easy to solve sign tiskly. >> i would imagining that they have collected evidence. you know, in the 20th century, and the 21st century, the dna is law enforcement's best weapon and tool under the scenario and circumstance. >> and also exonerated with d.n.a. also. >> many occasions. this is the key. !!!!! greta. >> the one thing we keep forgetting we tend to look in a clinical legal fashion is that right now there is a family, hannah graham's family who are desperate to get information on their child. get so involved with the facts of the investigation. you can't help but have your
11:43 pm
heart bleed for these parents. i can't each imagine. they are sitting by the phone pounding the pavement. >> i have four children and i tried to put my place missing parent's child. don't want to visit that that someone of the most tragic things that can happen. by the way, as a homicide detective i have even had to cover those kind of cases. >> i remember so many cases where parents have said that they never knew how incredibly painful for a missing child that they watched for instance beth holloway, natalee holloway. no idea. seems like it happens to somebody else. had no idea the pain would be on them. >> think about what hannah graham's is she alive? is she dead? nobody knows.
11:44 pm
>> somebody does know but is not talking. ted, thank you. ted will be investigating from charlottesville for us tomorrow. terrifying case of beheading right here in the united states. today an oklahoma prosecutor filing formal notice that he will seek the death penalty against the beheading suspect. alton nolen is accused of beheading a coworker at food process plant. today prosecutors say the death penalty is warranted because the murder was especially heinous, atrocious or cruel. montel williams making emotional plea to congress, begging lawmakers it's about begging lawmakers it's about sergeant andrew for over 60,000 california foster children,
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> he didn't hesitate to aaye aye sir to go off and serve. how dare we -- how dare we
11:49 pm
as a nation hesitate to get that young man back tv host and military veteran yes also a marine taking the fit for sergeant tahmooressi's freedom straight to capitol hill. he hab languishing in a mexican prison since march 31st. we spoke to moreton tell williams after yesterday's dramatic house hearing. >> montel, you are a huge supporter for sergeant andrew tahmooressi. why? >> what people don't understand is that i spent 22 years in the military. i went through marine corps boot camp back when this country used to spit on the ground we walked out of boot camp. i'm a vietnam vet. let's get this straight. 22 years after wearing my uniform stopped and started of the montel williams show i never take it off. fisher house. i thought i was one of the biggest mouths in this country trying to make sure this government did the right thing by passing a bill that right now isn't even being implevmented correctly. i'm not going to let up until we take care of those
11:50 pm
who take care of us. it's just that simple. >> well, what is the problem is getting the white house to sort of put pressure on mexico. i want this process sped up. slow as who he also a says. we should have a speedy process. >> i don't understand this entire country's lack of interest in this case. talk from the top down. of course, everything from the head down. starting with the president all the way down to the average citizen. people who talked to me last night and said why are you doing this? wasn't he breaking the law? it's because we are letting people know what happened we have to start telling people. as much as you may be speaking about it and glen, the rest of the country is not. you can fix this problem with one phone call. why hasn't it happened. >> why hasn't it happened? >> i think it's so ridiculously politicized. so politicized because we have one soldier being let out thought administration is running and cowering
11:51 pm
about making a decision about a guy who needs to have a decision made about him. when i said the administration, i'm talking about senate and congress. believe me the congress has not passed house resolution 620. they didn't call for it on the floor. this is five weeks ago they wrote this bill asking the president to do the right thing. still waiting for the white house, washington for someone of authority to call jill nobody has called this mother. this has made enough national news. looking at the twitter universe today and people watching the entire proceeding. every leader in this country from congress to the senate to the president, i think right now ought to feel embarrassed by the fact that you could talk all the trash you want today about going out and fighting isis, remember, it's little guys, i say it this way, little guys, big boy. sergeant tahmooressi who is protecting our democracy. that's who we are going to send over to fight isis. it's guys like them. how many want to jump right now to run and do that when you recognize you make one
11:52 pm
mistake. even so small, your government won't back you up because i want people to understand this young man, we had him go to afghanistan. he very heartedly went like this i do solemnly swear and affirm that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. he didn't think he went and did it. this whole situation is abomination. it's being politicized because no unwith wants to make a decision. i'm here to tell you that the american people want a decision made. >> this is a man who has trouble -- he is troubled. he is troubled because he volunteered to help us. >> and, this young man who sitting there right now i spoke to him. i spoke to him two nights ago, with his mom on the phone it was about a four minute conversation. sandra, how are you doing? i said look to him, marine, you know that's a stupid question. you know the question i'm asking you, brother, how are you doing? his exact words were: "i
11:53 pm
can't keep the bad thoughts out." that right there is what is going none that young man. is he doing everything he can and, you know, god bless the fact that the united states of america sent him to marine corps boot camp because it's his marine corps training that is right now keeping him alive. >> is he an american marine and he made a wrong turn and they should at least should have accelerated the process the president could have asked for it speed the process. pay the debt keep democracy running. big movement to send more boys over to die. these are america's treasures. how will they go to die if we can't guarantee them we are going to take care of them when they come home. >> monday tel, he has a good friend new. >> he has a good friend new too. >> thank you, monday tel.
11:54 pm
>> coming up i will talk to you off othe record. i will tell you what i think about president ♪ who's going to do it? who's going to make it happen? discover a new energy source. turn ocean waves into power. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves. get more clean water to everyone. who's going to take the leap? who's going to write the code? who's going to do it? engineers. that's who. that's what i want to do. be an engineer. ♪ [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial.
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enagage with us.
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let's all go off the record. which leaders blame others it doesn't make them look look leaders it makes them childish. threw the intelligence leaders under the bus and they are not happy about it and today again. >> reason few republicans running around blaming obamacare. while good affordable healthcare may seem like a good fanged threat to the american people on fox news, it turns out it's working pretty well real well. >> yeah fox news, done it before made cracks about fox news. today's crack was also tweeted from twitter account to 47 million followers what's the fox? zero. the president is giving us free promo, it doesn't hurt us. fox news is hot. you have seen the latest viewer numbers.
11:59 pm
that's not the point. in these very troubling times from ebola to beheadings, we need the president to act presidential. that doesn't mean not blaming others or acting cool in front of a bunch of students for blaming fox whatever ails him or his administration. his audience today is the next generation of leaders. we want them to respect the office of the president. not see it as a platform to settle pettycores. yes, of course, only one crack in a long speech. shows we are getting under his skin. he should be tougher than that as we face down big big big problems in the world skip the trash talk. it only diminishes the office of the president. this that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch us, use your dvr. fox news watch it anywhere any time on any device. right now go to we posted something unusual. a political ad from the college republican. this is a really unusual ad to say the very least. watch it on gretawire and tell me what you think about
12:00 am
it. it's really a weed arrested. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. we will see you tomorrow night right here live. 7:00 tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," has the" red eye" staff taken casual friday too far? we go behind the scene. 1k3 how is channing tatumn taking the news he no longer has the world's largest six pack? we debate washer board style and does the vice president want to payoff the national debt using leprechaun gold found at the end of the rainbow? >> we have an incredible opportunity before us. it has always been the promise, the promise over the horizon. but it has been a promise and it was always just out of reach. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that santa claus sued her by giving


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